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Therapy and Counseling is a Lifeline for Isolated Seniors

Member Profile: Janis Blenden, Therapist

As Janis Blenden, licensed therapist, reflects on the experiences she's had assisting seniors over the past year, her calm presence and comfortable manner are easily observed. It demonstrates why so many of her patients have considered her counseling services a lifeline during this time of isolation.

Janis' decision to work in senior counseling is something that came naturally to her. "Working with seniors has always been my passion," she says. Beginning her career in a New Jersey nursing home, Janis continued her work with older ones in various roles for the Department of Children and Family Services, Jewish Family Services, Mental Health Court and Geriatric Care Management.

What has she enjoyed the most about working with older populations? "I am so appreciative of the experiences and memories that older ones have shared with me. One in particular stands out to me - a gentleman I was counseling shared that he had been detained as a youngster in Auschwitz during WWII. After being rescued by American troops, he moved to the US and enlisted as an American soldier during the Korean War. He wanted to give back to the country that saved him. Now I always ask if my clients are veterans!"

And how have her clients adjusted through the change to remote or virtual therapy sessions? "At first it was a challenge, but it has actually been a blessing. We are happy that Telehealth Medicare will keep this mental health program. This will enable increased communication and healthier relationships between therapist and patients - even after we are doing in-person sessions again!"


About A and B Counseling Services, LLC

A and B Counseling Services, LLC is a group of Licensed Clinical Social Workers that provide counseling and therapeutic services to seniors. All of our clinicians have many years of experience delivering therapeutic services.

We assist seniors to combat depression, anxiety, grief and isolation while promoting mental health. In-home counseling and therapeutic services is a Medicare Part B benefit that does NOT require a physician’s referral, and there is no limit to the number of counseling sessions provided. Sessions are conducted weekly. Currently, we are able to provide tele-health and telephonic sessions.

For more information and to send referrals please go to our web site:,

email: or call us at 866-906-2884.


"Seniors are gaining confidence and are finally on the move again. We look forward to helping with your moving needs."  - Rich Berkowitz, Cheerful Transitions

"We are poised to help many of our clients with their spring cleaning by organizing and maximizing their in-home technology with our special new client 3for2 program." - Matt Munro, GroovyTek

"Senior living communities are now fully reopened with all services back in place. Resident vaccinations and COVID-19 protocols in place have been the game changer.” - Arnie Cowan, Sunshine Senior Placement

"We have 'sprung' into Spring by surrounding our clients with compassion and dignity. We are ready to move past the fear and isolation of COVID-19! " - Pat Waldron, Active Healthcare Solutions

Throughout the spring season, we continue to bloom with positivity and support for our community. No matter the forecast, strive to live like it's spring! - Dr. Dominic Aloma, United Care Home Health Services

"Very optimistic for the upcoming real estate market. Senior Transitions just got easier. Our clients can anticipate a quick turnover on their properties at a strong price."  - Dr. Ann Meyerson, The Keyes Company


Alzheimer's Community Care Virtual Education Conference - May 27th, 2021

Registration is open for this year's Alzheimer's Community Care Virtual Education Conference. It will be held on May 27th, 2021.

Make sure you sign up! Find out more here.

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