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Spotlight on Care Resource Planning

Dan Miller is the founder of Care Resource Planning in Southeast Florida. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University and an expert in resource utilization, Dan has been a long standing member of Florida Senior Care Solutions. With over 35 years of experience in long-term care planning and government benefits, Dan specializes in assisting families who surpass asset and income limits. Care Resource Planning stands out by proactively or reactively helping individuals qualify for government benefits, ensuring comprehensive support for families navigating the complexities of long-term care.

Dan was the visionary and founder of Care Resource Planning. His unwavering dedication and expertise have enabled him to develop comprehensive support planning for his clients. His commitment to positively impacting the lives of seniors and their families remains at the forefront of his mission.

Care Resource Planning is a senior care financial planning firm dedicated to providing outstanding personalized service to our clients. By using a team approach and analyzing various financial factors, we offer personalized advice and solutions to meet our clients' unique needs for financial stability, security, and independence. For more information visit our website.

2023 Social Worker & Case Manager Appreciation Luncheons:

Broward & Palm Beach County

The Florida Senior Care Solutions Team had the honor of attending two Social Worker/Case Manager Appreciation Luncheons hosted by Eventing this month.

These gatherings aimed to celebrate and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of professionals dedicated to serving seniors. Social Workers and Case Managers enjoyed a delightful day of indulgence, featuring delicious food, exciting giveaways, and engaging raffles.

As proud sponsors, we expressed our deep gratitude for their unwavering commitment and hard work, while also partaking in the enjoyable festivities. The Palm Beach luncheon took place on May 11th at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport, and the Broward luncheon was held at Signature Grand in Davie on May 24th. We eagerly anticipate next year's event, looking forward to another memorable experience.

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