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Schwartz Family Home Care: Legacy Continues Under New Ownership

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Mindy & Howie Schwartz Announce Retirement After Decades of Excellence in Home Care

Florida Senior Care Solutions is excited to share the news that Schwartz Family Home Care has new owners - Kim Goodman RN and her husband Steve Goodman. Kim has vast experience in hospital nursing and home health care. Steve has served as the CEO of multiple companies with an expertise in sales, marketing and customer service.

Together they share a passion and drive to serve the elderly with the high standards that Schwartz Family Home Care has become known for. Yes, Howard and Mindy Schwartz are retiring! Mindy shares,"As both our adult children are now living in California we can now visit for a lengthier time to each of them since they are living 5 hours apart from each other.

The past 21 years have been an amazing journey for us and our team of office staff and referred caregivers. We thank all of you for the trust and faith in our level of service provided and know that this will continue with Kim and Steve on board. The Schwartz Family Home Care name lives on. As always, 'May the Schwartz be With You!'"


Message from the President:

Our professional group shares a sense of optimism as we move toward the end of this year, and thought this was an appropriate time to re-introduce ourselves.

Florida Senior Care Solutions is a team of eleven business owners who each specialize in a specific senior service. By working together, we have the ability to provide a one stop shop for all senior needs. In May we celebrated our goals and accomplishments by hosting a large networking event at Total Medical in Deerfield Beach with over 120 guests attending.

All of our members are fully engaged and excited to be back working with our clients with a personalized, hands-on approach. Let’s finish 2022 with health & success. There is so much to be thankful for!

- Arnie Cowan, NHA RD, President - Florida Senior Care Solutions & Sunshine Senior Placement

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