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Updates from the Team - April 2024

The Future of Real Estate with AI Assistance

by Ann Meyerson PhD, The Keyes Company

Artificial Intelligence or "AI" is having an impact in nearly every industry. Currently AI is in the developmental stages for applications in Real Estate. Professionals and savvy consumers can use AI powered tools to analyze market conditions, evaluate property values and identify investment opportunities with greater precision and speed than ever before.

Algorithmic data responses can already be found across social media, agency landing pages, website visits and online listings. When the consumer uses search engines like Zillow, homes recommended to users are uniquely tailored based on their past search activity, preferences and location. This helps to discover homes that that they might not have found otherwise. 

For elder care professionals working with seniors, using AI-powered tools can offer similar increases in efficiency and accuracy. Automated feedback can even provide assistance with transition planning and finding alternate living conditions. However, the complete replacement of human interaction in Real Estate would be a significant shift that would require careful consideration of end-user needs, legal implications and the role of human expertise and compassion in finding a home. 

Contact Ann for information regarding the National Association of Realtors, NAR Settlement and the implications moving forward.

Is Your 65th Birthday Coming Up?

by Gary Haft, JMH Advisors Inc.

As individuals approach their 65th birthday, it's essential to initiate the Medicare enrollment process within the three months leading up to this milestone. If their birthday falls on the first day of the month, coverage will begin on the first day of the prior month, ensuring seamless healthcare access.

The enrollment process typically takes between one week to one month to complete, so starting early is crucial to avoid any gaps in coverage. By understanding the timeline and seeking support when necessary, anyone can transition smoothly into Medicare, securing access to vital healthcare services as they enter this new phase of life.

Contact Gary if you are in need of personalized assistance navigating the complexities of Medicare enrollment.

A Care Manager's Poem

by Pat Waldron, Active Healthcare Solutions LLC

I walk with you by my side

A smile, A tear, a supportive embrace

I walk with you by my side

I am your compass and often your shining North Star

And may have to remind you of who you are

I walk with you by my side full of compassion and pride

Using pictures, letters, and the music of old

To keep your mind active as we grow old

I am the Care Manager that walks by your side: often the light that warms inside

I am the Care that walks by your side thinking of you with dignity and pride

Pat Waldron RN CCM, a nurse of almost four decades, has been in the Care Management business since 2017. The joy that she feels is immeasurable when assisting clients and their families achieve a more stable life during the aging process. She finds that the most important keys to client satisfaction is a few words of encouragement, a smile and a tender touch. Heartwarming results for her clients brings great personal satisfaction to Pat and her team.

Contact Pat if you or a loved one is facing a complex medical situation and in need of Care Management.

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