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Did you know about our Referral Network?

Florida Senior Care Solutions is a valuable resource both nationwide and internationally.

Our team is committed to finding the best solutions for our clients. This includes referrals for placement, real estate, relocation, legal counseling, Medicare and Veterans benefits guidance, and more. Many of our clients and their families do not reside full time in South East Florida. Often, the adult children are looking for professional support that can be managed remotely. Our network enables us to provide comprehensive services when and where it is needed.

Organizational Update for Sunshine Senior Placement: Welcome Adam!

Arnie Cowan and the team at Sunshine Senior Placement are expanding their organization with a new Director of Business Development, Adam Baker.

As a Florida native, Adam grew up in Coral Springs before earning a Masters Degree in Aging Services Management from the University of Southern California. He worked in Senior Living for Sunrise in Beverly Hills and came back 3 years ago to Florida. For the last two years he was the Executive Director of Courtyard Gardens in Boynton Beach.

Introduction and planning luncheon w Adam Baker and Arnie Cowan from Sunshine Senior Placement. Ann Meyerson, PhD Keyes Realty and Janice Griffin, LCSW A&B Counseling Services.

Adam shares,"I recently decided to join Arnie and Sunshine Senior Placement in order to expand the scope of people I can help without the confinement of one particular facility. I was drawn to Sunshine because of their use of an individualized personal approach as well as the knowledge and human connections they possess as a team. Although change is hard, the representatives at Sunshine Senior Placement truly work towards helping our clients put their mind at ease with a seamless search process. I look forward to using my knowledge and passion towards the growth and development of Sunshine Senior Placement to give a helping hand to those in need."

As a team, we welcome Adam to his new role and look forward to bringing our clients more of THE BEST!

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