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September Newsletter: FSCS Team Shares Emoji Self-Portraits!

Expressing Ourselves in Emoji Self-Portraits

Without face to face contact, we are embracing the new ways to express ourselves digitally. While your old English teacher might be cringing at the way that these miniature pictures have infiltrated our written communications, more and more linguists are recognizing the value Emoji have added in enriching our conversations.

Plenty of experts agree that rather than degrading language, Emoji and other symbols can actually add depth and meaning to the sentences we construct. Much like facial expressions and hand gestures, these icons can clarify meaning, add humor as well as personality to an otherwise cold, technological interaction. We tend to agree!

Florida Senior Care Solutions and members are sharing their Emoji self-portraits this month and we hope you share yours back with us!


My Emoji Wears a Mask Just Like Me

Covid-19 has brought back not so fond memories of wearing masks in my early career. Thank Goodness styles and choices have changed. Nurses Rock. 

- Pat Waldron, Active Healthcare Solutions

Summer of Work and Outdoor Play

Our summer has been spent taking care of patients in their homes while staying protected and spending time with my wife and three sons. We enjoy playing basketball and swimming in our pool for quality family time.  

- Dominic Aloma, PT, DPT, United Care Home Health Services

Keeping a Positive Attitude by Keeping Busy

Semi-isolation is tough. When I'm not assisting with transitions, I have been enjoying new music, beach walking and a little golfing.

- Ann Meyerson, PhD, Trust Power Transitions/The Keyes Company

Adjusting to My New Normal

A lot of our business is the same - it's the new amount of free time that we are getting used to! We are finding some fun ways to pass the days.

- Rich Berkowitz, Cheerful Transitions

Keep Calm and Carry On!

As we head into the last third of the year we all need to be positive and optimistic that better times are just around the corner. maybe we all need to take a deep breath - in through the nose and out the mouth or as I tell my mother, smell the roses and blow out the candles.

- David Michaels, Personal Living Alert

Still Spreading the Sunshine From My Home Office

Adjusting to working at home has taken some time, but the Sunshine team is awesome! We are Zooming through the year and can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

- Arnie Cowan, NHA RD, Sunshine Senior Placement

Doc is Always on the Clock

Working from home isn't really an option when you are a doctor! We are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe, but otherwise it's business as usual. - Dr. Ron Oberman, Oberman Podiatry

Committing to Emotional and Physical Wellness

Figuring out a new routine, it was important to us to make sure of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Getting regular exercise, doing a little bit of traveling and learning new, healthy recipes has allowed us to boost our health mentally and physically.

- Howie and Mindy Schwartz, Schwartz Family Home Care

Hooping it Up This Summer

I've always loved basketball - this summer I've been able to get some more court time in to hone my skills.

- Howie Weinstein, Total Medical

Getting Back to Basics

I've been enjoying new music, Bible study and mentoring in my down time. Transforming this time into an opportunity to give back has been really satisfying.

- Dan Miller, Care Resource Planning


The Peak of Hurricane Season is Upon Us

With all of the other distractions that 2020 has brought upon us, it may have slipped to the bottom of your to-do list to make sure your family is prepared for hurricane season.

Did you know that from August 28th on is considered "peak" hurricane season? This year is already one of the most active seasons on record.

There are plenty of great resources in the community to help ensure that your household is ready whatever may come:

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