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Reconnecting a Father and Son after Decades: Sunshine Senior Placement

Arnie Cowan NHA RD

Making real connections with seniors and their families and working tirelessly to provide a personal, one-on-one approach has always characterized Arnie Cowan and his team at Sunshine Senior Placement. However, this has become a little more challenging due to the ongoing pandemic.  This didn’t stop Arnie from helping a family with an incredible story find the services they needed. Cowan was contacted by a man who received a call several months prior from his estranged, 86-year-old biological father. They were in a tough situation with fragile emotional, financial and medical factors that needed to be treated with extreme care.

After decades of absence, this elderly gentleman had moved, on a whim, from Mississippi to South Florida in hopes of meeting the son he never knew. Initially, this long-lost son helped his father to find a place to stay at an Independent Living Community nearby. However, it became clear that his father had additional issues and would need to find a better living situation.  That’s where Arnie came in to assist. He was recommended to the family by the Director of the Independent Community to help with finding the right placement with additional services. In the meantime, the son was becoming understandably anxious about making decisions for a man who seemed to be exhibiting some forgetfulness, paranoia and had some financial problems as well.  Arnie immediately knew that this family needed a facilitator. Both father and son would have to agree on a plan that would work to resolve their immediate issues without squashing a chance of rekindling their relationship. 

Arnie set up a meeting at a pub and guided the two men through their options in a more relaxed setting. After subsequent sessions, they came to understand the issues. Dad needed additional benefits and a transition to a community with dementia support. Arnie was able to develop a plan that worked out for everyone. 

After his dad was settled in a new home in Dania Beach, the son called Arnie. He was thankful and relieved to be able to cherish this time with his father without mounting medical and financial concerns. Truly, our team members make a lasting impact. 

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