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Meeting our Client Needs Now and Preparing for the Future

Wilson Is Doing His Best

Our canine affiliate achieved his certification.

MEET WILSON! He earned his Canine Good Citizen Award and began volunteering as a therapy dog for PALS (Peoples Animals Love). 

Wilson is the Grand Dog of Ann Meyerson, Keyes Realty and his love for people of all ages is obvious. He is very gentle while working with seniors and brings joy and laughter wherever he visits. Right now, he is supporting his human family while in lockdown!


Small Things Can Make A Big Emotional Impact

A note from Janis Blenden, A&B Counseling

Prior to social distancing measures, I was conducting one of my in-home counseling sessions with a client who resides in an independent living facility. 

She has been so grateful for my weekly visits that she insisted on giving me a beautiful linen tablecloth that she had received many many years ago as a wedding present. I told her that I would use it on my dining room table for the two Passover Seders. It seemed to take on a new and profound meaning this year as all of us who celebrate and conduct Seders were unable to have friends and family join in-person.

During the first tele-health session with this client after Passover, I told her that she had been with me at both Seders this year with the presence of the beautiful tablecloth she had given me.

She was immediately overcome with emotion and cried, telling me, “You have made me feel so special and I really needed that.” 

Small things really do make a difference in people’s lives.


Taking Things Seriously, But Keeping the Mood Light

by Mindy Schwartz, Schwartz Family Home Care

We deal with high risk populations and are working hard to help people stay at home while getting the care they need. Our office staff have been working extremely hard the past 4 weeks to ensure that all our clients and referred caregivers are knowledgeable and safe in regards to COVID-19.

To lighten the mood this past Friday we brought in pizza and decorated cookies . Lots of laughs and creativity. They were delicious too!


"As a health care provider, it is essential to be available for my patients. In spite of increased social distancing and decreased activities, many serious conditions still occur on a regular basis. I am still here for my patients and have been providing all necessary care and services. "

- Dr. Ron Oberman, Podiatrist

"I'm dedicated to helping my senior community, during the COVID-19 crisis, by continuing to volunteer with my local Meals on Wheels. Now more than ever, our support is needed to ensure our seniors; staying safe at home, continue to receive their meals from trained volunteers."

- Erin Stubbs, Keyes Realty


Take Moments For Yourself

Dominic Aloma, United Care Home Health Services

The impact of COVID-19 is far greater than we could have ever imagined in our lifetime. 

As we start a new day, we just want to remind

everyone to take a moment and breathe. Staying healthy requires us to take good care of ourselves. Do something you love- read a book, watch a movie, call a friend. Deal with tasks as they come and remember that we are in this together. 

We at United Care Home Health Services are educating our staff, informing physicians of industry initiatives and changes, keeping safe by adhering to recommended guidelines and taking all precautions to ensure we are able to continue to serve our community.


Personal Living Alert: On the Clock

Arnie Cowan of Sunshine Senior Placement is interviewed by David Michaels from Personal Living Alert. Check it out!

Complete Care Includes More Than Just Medical Planning

Pat Waldron, Active Healthcare Solutions

Recently, we worked with siblings who lived in the north east and needed to make sure their dad, who lives in Florida and suffersfrom Dementia, got the care he needed.

Logistics in cases like this can be difficult, but we were proud to maintain open communication with the gentleman and his family. They got the peace of mind needed, knowing that Dad was being taken care of. We never underestimate how important that relationship and trust is.

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