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Making Sense of Medicare

Health is a precious gift, it must be guarded through education.

Empower yourself to make the right choices when it comes to Health and Life Insurance, Medicare, Indexed Universal Life Insurance, and Retirement Planning.

Get peace of mind knowing that your coverage properly reflects your needs.

Three things you should consider before making your health care choices:

1. Learn about your choices. Knowledge is power! Don't just choose the first plan that comes along - make sure you understand what you are selecting. There are often alternatives that may suit your needs better.

2. Think beyond the premium. It may be tempting to choose the lowest costing premium, but it's important to think about the care you may need in the future. What you may be saving now could cost you more in the future should something unexpected happen. There are also many products available to cover the gaps. Making a customized plan that gives you the coverage you need at the price point that you are comfortable with may mean combining products to have an integrated and fully individualized plan.

3. Get a benefits "check up". Did you know there are more than 2000 benefits available to Medicare participants through non-profit programs? Finding out what you qualify for allows you to receive the best care while making the most of your retirement income. Get a benefits "check up" and have a professional make sure you are getting the help you are entitled to. Schedule an appointment today >>

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