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Keeping an Upbeat Attitude in April

A note from our members.

As residents here in South Florida, we are keeping a close eye on developments regarding this unprecedented situation as it affects our families, coworkers and clients. Our thoughts and efforts are in tandem with community, health care and governmental guidelines to stem the spread of COVID-19 as our number one priority. That being said, we are firm believers in the power of a positive attitude. With that in mind, the goal of our April newsletter is to encourage and uplift each other in a difficult time. All the best from our family to yours,

FLSCS Members


Recovering from Alzheimer's: Is it possible?

Early clinical research shows brain regeneration with novel treatment

Scientific research and progress around Alzheimer's has been primarily successful with lowering risk and slowing the progression of the disease. But, is it possible to actually heal the brain from the damage done by Alzheimer's? Up until now, the answer has been grim. However, new research has given hope that we might be able to answer that question differently in the future.

The Center for Innovation in Brain Science, at the University of Arizona, is examining a new compound, Allopregnanolone or allo, that researchers believe is capable of healing the brain from Alzheimer’s. Clinical trials are set to begin soon, focusing on those with early-stage Alzheimers or a genetic risk for the disease. If you are interested in participating in the trial, we've included the link to get more information. Click Here >


Good News ONLY: COVID-19


FLSCS Members are Staying Busy and Keeping a Positive Attitude

Advice from Ottis, Grand Dog of Dr. Ann Meyerson, Keyes Realty

"I think I'll just stay here for the day!"

Sunshine Senior Placement's Arnie Cowan Shares His Social Distancing Routine "Working at home and exercising regularly helps me get into a healthy schedule."

Active Healthcare Solutions' Patricia Waldron Connects With Clients and Friends

"I am testing out different recipes and I love sharing them over the phone. Over the weekend I made pies and last week was spaghetti and meatballs."

A&B Counseling's Janis Blenden Conducts Virtual Counseling Sessions "My clients have been feeling so isolated and anxious that Medicare wisely knew that telehealth would help them get through these dark days. It has been wonderful for me, knowing that in some small way I am making a difference."

Care Resource Planning's Dan Miller Remains Confident "Hang in there! We are two-thirds through the tunnel.  I am confident we will rebound stronger than ever after our pent-up economy reopens. Watch us soar!"

Thrucore's Julaine Lopez-McKenzie is Keeping a Positive Attitude "It’s a new day! Let’s take a deep breath, expect great things, believing everything will be fine."

Total Medical's Howie Weinstein Staying Active "Practicing my tennis skills at home keeps me sharp and active until we can get back on to the court!"

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