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Holocaust Survivor Healing After COVID-19 Diagnosis

As told by Pat Waldron, RN, CCM, Active Health

This is the story of Mrs. T, a Jewish Holocaust Survivor and a remarkable woman who survived for almost four years in concentration camps before being liberated at 14 years old. With such strong fortitude of character, she not only survived, but ultimately built a life over decades as she raised her family. However, like many aging seniors, health issues eventually became a challenge for Mrs. T. I was initially contacted by her sons. Between geographic distance and caring for their duties as husbands, fathers and businessmen, it was becoming increasingly difficult to make sure their mother got the care she needed. My team and I jumped in immediately to coordinate her care and provide support. Ultimately, it was determined by her doctors that Mrs. T, at over 90 years old, would require a cardiac procedure. Would someone of her age be able to rehabilitate? Her desire to get well was amazing. The support provided by Active Health Care Solutions, Schwartz Family Home Care and a loving, devoted family made a full recuperation possible.

Mrs. T thrived until March of this year when she tested positive for COVID-19. Her care team once again was called into action to battle this virulent new disease that had proven to be especially deadly for those of Mrs. T’s age. This didn’t stop us from providing 24-hour private care, daily visits by me and frequent checks by the Medicare RN. Her strength gave us strength, and what transpired for Mrs. T was just short of a miracle. She was able to remain in her home with the daily care and attention of her medical team. Over a matter of several weeks, she made a full recovery. Her family and caregivers were delighted to say the least.

Mrs. T. has been my client for 3 years. She has a wonderful attitude towards life and displays a tenacity and strength that will surely continue to be a beacon of light for the rest of us for many more.

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