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Dr. Ann Meyerson Shares Barbara's Story

Dr. Ann Meyerson, SRES is known for her work as a realtor and transition counselor in South Florida. She prides herself in the meaningful way she impacts the lives of her clients and their families.

In this sit down interview, Dr. Ann shares the story of Barbara - an elderly woman in her mid-80s who was in a dangerous situation during a notorious South Florida heat wave. Barbara was suffering from some symptoms of dementia and needed immediate assistance.

With some quick thinking and extra initiative on the part of Dr. Ann, Barbara was able to make a safe and successful transition to her new home. See the whole interview here.


Promoting Professional Development

Dr. Ann Meyerson is a frequent presenter of topics for those interested in learning about professional issues related to the mental and emotional challenges of transition. Some of the topics she covers include oppositional behaviors, senior substance abuse issues and more. Learn More


Social Workers Appreciation Luncheon 2021

Social workers here in South Florida are vital partners to all of us who work with vulnerable populations. We were happy to have the opportunity to show our support at this year's luncheon.

Check out the details on our Facebook page!

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