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Adaptability and Optimism in February

Cheerful Transitions explains how they keep seniors moving during COVID-19, United Care HHS provides and update, vaccine links for your county and more in your February 2021 Newsletter.

Overcoming Challenges to Relocate Special Needs Seniors in 2020 by Rich Berkowitz

Moving elderly parents is daunting and overwhelming under normal circumstances. With the added stress of relocating them amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it may seem downright impossible. Cheerful Transitions adapted to these extraordinary circumstances to continue safely moving our special needs clients. One particular example comes to mind - married couple, Mike and Carol. Carol, 79, has ALS and has been bedridden for several years. Mike, her husband, has early-stage dementia. The couple prefers to age-in-place, however, remaining in their beachfront condo was no longer a practical option. After purchasing a single family home nearby, they contacted Cheerful Transitions to help with the move. Excellent planning and coordination would be critical. After all mandatory safety precautions were in place, we started sorting through medical supplies to ensure that necessities, like medications and equipment, remained with Carol until the medical transport arrived. Our staff worked in lockstep with a full medical team to facilitate a smooth transition. A team approach was necessary since Carol and Mike were unable to make their own decisions, and there was limited input from other family members.

The Cheerful Transitions staff got to work on the new property. Each room was prepared. This included making beds, positioning furniture, organizing cabinets and closets, unpacking and putting away items, and hanging televisions and art. The circumstances surrounding the move of Carol and Mike required a bit more attention and "TLC" than a typical client, but the professionalism and dedication of our staff made it easy. At the end of the day, we were proud to create a familiar environment that is not only highly functional, but also pleasant and safe. Carol’s glowing smile and appreciation upon seeing her beautifully decorated house confirmed this really was a transition to cheer about!


Summing up 2020 with a Positive Spin by Melissa Colon

Last year was challenging for many, a learning experience for all and a time for us to be grateful that we continue to serve the community we love. It was a year to adapt, adjust, and take things day by day. Here at United Care Home Health Services our "united" front allowed us to continue to provide the care our patients need and deserve. We have become Zoom meeting experts, IT professionals, even learning to work from home alongside pets and children. Who could have thought that was possible!

We look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of care by coordinating the finest professionals and skilled services needed by our patients and their families.


Links to COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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